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Remote Control last update 16:12.16 14.07.2024

Remote Maintenance over the Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer V6.0 SP1 or higher is required for remote maintenance. For further information, refer to the service downloads.

Service Downloads
Java Update

 Remote maintenance of SIMATIC HMI systems is possible using the Internet Explorer. This requires a Java-based applet that is loaded automatically by the relevant HMI system and started in the Internet Explorer.

For optimum access to the HMI systems, we recommend that you install the latest Java Runtime Environment (JRE™) from Sun Microsystems. The Java Runtime Environment (JRE™) includes the Java plug-in components necessary to run Java applets in your Internet Explorer.

The current version can be downloaded at .


Sm@rtClient Application This program allows enhanced functionality for "remote maintenance over the Internet Explorer". The program is available in the support folder of your installation DVD and can be run as a separate application on your computer.

In addition to the screen contents, this application also displays the layout of the HMI system requiring maintenance. The advantage here is the additional access to the locally available softkeys and function keys of the SIMATIC Panel.

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